One Oven Model

Model QGR-1

Brochure: One Oven Model Specifications Fiche Technique: Cusinière au Gaz un Four

Designed for the operator who does not require a unique custom configuration, the Quest QGR Series utilizes the same components as “The Chef Centre,” but is available with traditional top configurations. These ranges are built in volume, not custom, so we can pass these savings on to you. Their unique modular construction allows components to be changed in the field if your requirements grow or need updating.

Model shown: QGR-1  2OB-RFT (two open burners and right fry top)

Alternate top configurations include four open burners and right fry top (4OB-RFT), six open burners (6OB), a 36″ wide fry top (FT), or a hot top module (HT).

A two open burner section can also be replaced with a closed top module. This mild steel plate is not intended for frying, but combines well with a fry top or open burners.

Other optional features include a low back (ie. for special venting arrangements, or where no plate shelf is required) and a 12″ two burner or closed top extension on the left or right of the range (includes extended high back and shelf when factory supplied with range).

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