Fryer Filter System

Model QFFS

Brochure: Fryer Filter Specifications

Clean cooking oil is essential for high quality frying and extended oil life.  Reduce your cooking oil cost by as much as 50% while frying food to perfection.

The Quest Fat Pump/Filter system is designed for safety and ease of use, so filtering is not the dangerous chore it once was.  This model is without a doubt, the fastest, simplest and most effective on the market.


Illustrated beside a Quest fryer, with optional infrared fry warmer and mobile base.

• Extends cooking oil life significantly through more frequent and effective filtration

• Improves the quality, consistency and taste of fried foods

• Fast payback on your investment through reduced oil consumption

• Built-in design for convenience and ease of use

• Manifold up to six Quest MV40 fryers, three on each side

• Unique Quest ‘Range Matching’ profile for sanitary, easy-to-clean and eye appealing installation

• Stainless steel top and exterior is standard

• Can be ordered with nylon reusable filter bag or disposable paper filter cone

• Popular options include mobile base, built in fry warmer and drain screen

• 120 V, 1 phase plug in.  Overall size is 16 ¾” (425 mm) wide x 31″ (787 mm) x 41 ⅜” (1,051 mm)

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