“Flavouring” Char Broiler

Model QBD

Brochure: Model QBD Char Broiler Specifications

This broiler was developed for operators who in the past were using solid fuel such as mesquite to obtain very high cooking temperatures for performance and a unique smoke flavour not possible with traditional charcoal broilers.

The Quest QBD series retains the same unique profile as other Quest equipment, but has a slightly taller body to incorporate a pull out flavouring tray where a small quantity of wood chips can be burned.

Available in four standard models: 26″ (660 mm), 34″ (864 mm), 42″ (1,067 mm), and 50″ (1,270 mm) widths. Custom lengths are also available.


Model shown with flavouring drawer.

• Sanitary design, all welded, all stainless steel construction (cleaning is a breeze)

• Obtain the flavouring results of solid fuel broilers without the mess, high cost of operation or need for special ventilation

• Simply pull out the drawer for easy access to the flavouring tray

• High performance design for fast searing – seals in the juices to maximize nutritional value and texture

• Broil steaks, seafood, fish, poultry, etc., to perfection (all at the same time, if required)

• Burners on 4″ spacing, each with infinite gas control – ensures desired cooking temperatures at specific grate locations

• Gas infra-red radiant design for clean, efficient and extremely fast heat-up

• 8″ wide cast cooking grate sections provide product support and branding for that ever important eye appeal

• The QBD can also be supplied without the flavouring drawer in a lower profile





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