Deluxe Wok Range

Model CHR

Brochure: Wok Range Specifications

The Quest Wok Range provides the intense heat required, yet is easily controlled, efficient and comfortable to operate. Each well has a specially designed combustion chamber which concentrates the heat on the cooking area of the wok where it is required, and eliminates the burning of food on the wok’s upper rim. The woks supplied are specially designed to prevent water from entering the combustion chamber. Ranges can also be fitted with loose wok adapters.  Sturdy construction assures operators of excellent performance and durability. The Quest Wok Range is designed to fill the requirements of most Asian restaurants, large or small.

• Heavy gauge stainless steel on all exposed surfaces

• Constructed with heavy angle frame throughout

• Stainless steel square tube overshelf

• Lever gas valves for easy heat control

• Powerful jet burners generate high heat instantaneously

• Right hand integral sump/drain (left optional)

• Deck wash down feature standard


Model shown: CHR-3 including optional boil pot and loose wok with adapter on right

Dimensions: All Units 42 ¾” deep x 34″ working height; 57″ total height.

Model Width BTU Rating Optional Rating
CHR-1 1 well 30″ 100,000 130,000
CHR-2 2 wells 58″ 200,000 260,000
CHR-3 3 wells 86″ 300,000 390,000
CHR-4 4 wells 114″ 400,000 520,000


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