Laser Cutting


2007 was an exciting year at Quest. We purchased the Cincinnati CL-707 3300W laser cutting machine for fast and accurate computer aided cutting. Our company has a long standing policy and reputation for keeping up with the latest equipment, changing fixture styles and client tastes. Making sure the company is up to date is key to continually producing top quality products through accurate, efficient and cost-effective processes.

The CL-707’s arrival at Quest moved our production capacity to another level. Component parts for Quest’s appliances and fixtures are now made even more accurately and efficiently, producing less waste from each sheet of metal. On the production floor, the CL-707 transforms shop floor operations and Quest’s ability to service its customers.

The Cincinnati CL-707 3300W laser-cutting machine uses a Class IV laser controlled by a Windows based operating system. It has a cutting capacity of up to ⅞” steel or ½” stainless steel and can handle a sheet size of up to 2 x 4 m (6’6″ x 13’0″) without repositioning. It has a dual pallet changer that allows for continuous cutting, and sheets move on a ball transfer system to protect the material. The PC based control features, linear motors, guide bearings and encoders combine to control movement and accurate cutting to +_0.001″ per axis. Now that is state of the art accurate!



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