Stainless Grades


To most people, stainless steel means one thing – its steel that doesn’t rust or corrode when exposed to the air or water.  It is easy to maintain, clean and lasts a long time. But did you know there are many grades and finishes of stainless steel?  These are ‘fit to purpose’ grades and finishes.  Different combinations of metals produce differing resistance levels to corrosion.  With stainless steel then, it’s not a one type fits all situation.

The Food Service industry primarily uses two types of stainless steel – 304 and 430.  The best of the two and most commonly used by Quest is 304.  Type 304 stainless contains at least 8% nickel, which makes it more resistant to corrosion than 430.  Type 304 is an excellent material for making products that come in contact with most liquids.  Where certain acids are present, there may be times where the higher corrosion resistance of Type 316 Stainless Steel is required.

Type 430 stainless steel contains a similar amount of chrome with a higher carbon content but no nickel.  Type 430 is magnetic and due to the chromium content, 430 can have a bright, very attractive finish.  When you think gleaning stainless steel, you may very well be thinking of grade 430.  It is less resistant to corrosion but still very hard and durable; you will find this stainless steel used as automobile trim, in furnaces, and for some less corrosive areas in kitchens.

304 vs 430? There is more to stainless steel than meets the eye.  Quest knows stainless steel and will make the right choice for your application.

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