Quest believes that quality work means providing its customers with all the services they need to be fully satisfied. In most cases, this means serving customers in commercial food service. Quest works with restaurants, hospitals, institutions, resource camps, and aboard ships. On a smaller scale, they work with individuals and interior designers to fashion striking residential kitchens. Along with Russell Food Equipment, Quest provides standard equipment and custom stainless steel to suit all needs.

Food service can be a complex undertaking. Quest has developed a full range of services to take the guesswork out of food service planning, including design, production, installation and after sales service. To turn that idea into reality, it starts with a professional design.

This design is articulated with a sketch or drawing that shows the look and function of line-ups and fixtures before they are built. It is the first concrete step in developing an idea or shaping a concept for what best meets or exceeds your goals.

The best designs begin with a blank sheet. They result from understanding the client’s vision. Quest’s experienced designers know what works and what doesn’t work in top quality kitchens. Design is not only about the dimensions of a range, salad table or cleaning station; it requires understanding how all the components in food service delivery work together (Ie. What are the best kitchen traffic flows? What type of food service experience does the client want to share with their customers?). Quest works with architects, consultants and individuals to functionally transform the food service space. This includes roughing in plans, detailing electrical and mechanical requirements, ensuring fire, health and ventilation codes are met, and specifying the right equipment, built to the right specs to get the job done.

Quest’s design teams are located in Vancouver and Winnipeg, with contacts in all major Canadian centers. Through experience, Quest designers know that no detail is too small to consider. In many cases, standardized equipment works well. Quest designs and produces high quality, durable, stainless steel rangers, broilers, fryers, food preparation stations, sinks and other equipment. If the plan calls for modifications, Quest custom fits appliances, fixtures, counters, hoods, ventilation and fire suppression systems. In-house production means any problems are quickly solved and quality control is assured.

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