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Kenneth S. Russell

Quest Metal Works was founded some time before 1938 by Bill Quest who designed and built high-quality heavy duty brick-and-casting ranges for the food service and logging industry. Quest set out to build a high quality, durable piece of equipment because crews in remote locations would not

tolerate equipment failure. In 1938, Ken Russell purchased the company from Bill Quest and continued to refine the design, converting brick and casting to metal,

That’s why today Quest is a leading supplier of high-quality, heavy-duty, 100% Canadian made stainless cooking equipment and fixtures. With over 83 years of experience in fabrication, design, and engineering we deliver the highest standards of design and quality in our fabricated products.

Along the way, Ken Russell moved the shop to a larger space and expanded into other food equipment production. Then in 1944, he incorporated Russell Food Equipment to distribute Quest products to a wider audience of customers who would appreciate the quality and durability of our products. By the mid-1950s, Quest had opened a factory in Winnipeg to be closer to customers in central and eastern Canada. In 1970, a second manufacturing facility was opened in Winnipeg to handle the increasing demand separating custom fixtures and gas appliance manufacturing. In 1985, Quest and Russell Food Equipment opened their current head office, showroom and factory at Venables and Clark in Vancouver.

Quest Regal Range – ARE-2L 1950’s

At Quest Metal Works we want to be your choice provider of high-quality, heavy duty cooking equipment, and the stainless fixtures that go around the appliances. We want to support your custom metal work projects with the same quality and design that we have carried for over 80 years. To quote Ken Russell, “If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right!”

To work with Quest on your next Stainless project or commercial gas appliance please contact us at estimating@questmetal.com or call us at 204-786-2403 (Winnipeg) or 604-253-7771 (Vancouver)

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