Quest Ranges have been made in Canada for over 70 years. Today's ranges are feature packed, yet moderately priced, and they have proven their worth due to their superior baking and roasting results, ability to stand up to the most rigorous use, and their economy of operation.

Standard Range Features





Grease Can




Range Matching

The Quest profile is consistent throughout the cooking line to provide a sleek, eye pleasing lineup.

Easy to Clean

Front, sides and oven liner are finished in durable stainless steel that will not chip, corrode or fail.

Reliability and Safety

Oven and pilot controls are conveniently located for ease of use and trouble free service.

Unmatched Durability

All welded stainless steel body and frame will not corrode and there are no screw fasteners to fail.

Heavy Duty Star Burners

Full 9" diameter cast burners deliver maximum heat energy over a wide area. Standing hooded pilots are simple, reliable and low maintenance. (Optional flash tube ignition.)

Standard or Convection

Quest Standard Ovens offer a unique front vent design that delivers even baking and top performance, while Quest Convection Ovens employ a 2 speed fan for fast recovery and even multi-level cooking.

Convenience and Safety

Large volume grease can, with unique 'Can within a Can' design, ensures grease leaking into the fixture is almost eliminated.

Maintenance Free

Oven doors are counter balanced, so there is no spring to wear out or to adjust. Handle and door panels are welded in place to eliminate failure.

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